Batting For Youth

Wicketz Bristol had an inspiring visit on Monday 22nd May from the Bristol Youth Mayors, Eve Szczelkun and Jack Payne who spoke at Wicketz cricket hub at the Greenway Centre in Southmead, along with Bristol Youth Parliamentarian Matt Simpson and Bristol Youth Councillor Jack Pitt.

The budding cricketers, many of whom serve on their school councils, found a new voice – the voice of Bristol Youth.  The Wicketz players were excited to learn the youth of Bristol have the ear of the Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, through their voted Youth Mayors, Eve Szczelkun and Jack Payne, who had a higher percentage of voting representation than the Mayor himself.

The young cricketers were initially bowled over by the idea their own concerns with their communities could be voiced, and they were hit for six at the suggestion by Youth Councillor Jack Pitt of more playing facilities in their Bristol parks.  Youth Parliamentarian Matt Simpson took the winning runs in mentioning he will be at the Houses of Parliament in London representing the youth of Bristol regarding their concerns on a national level.

After their talks, the Bristol Youth Representatives were put through their paces on the cricket pitch.  The young cricketers played a fast-paced version of cricket used by Wicketz Bristol to ease new players into the game, and the Bristol Youth Representatives quickly picked up some cricket tips from the players.

Some say that sport and politics should be separate and one should not influence the other.  However, on a sun lit evening in Southmead, the youth of Bristol showed the power of sport and political power can positively influence each other. If you would like to get involved with Wicketz Bristol or would like more information, contact Crispin at or call 07398 211 596

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