Woodnook Community Lunch

Last Thursday, the Greenway Café hosted residents from Southmead’s Woodnook building at its first community lunch – a shared meal where members of the community can talk and socialise.

The idea came from Heidi, the Greenway Café Manager, and two local volunteers, Shirley and Maxine, who have been helping run coffee mornings and bingo evenings in the Woodnook’s community lounge. With the loss of live-in wardens in sheltered accommodation, some of the community spirit had gone from places like the Woodnook, so getting together to have lunch seemed like a great idea.

Maxine and Shirley loaded up the cars at Glencoyne and transported everyone to the Greenway Centre on Doncaster whilst volunteers in the kitchen worked to cook up a feast. Roast Chicken was served with Heidi’s trademark gravy (so thick you can stand a spoon in it) and surprise birthday cake as dessert courtesy of Jen who was celebrating being 76 years young.

After eating, Jess, Bayleigh and Andy from the Café ran bingo with some hampers up for grabs. Everyone had a great time and are looking forward to the next! Before going, residents thanked Shirley and Maxine for all their help in bringing the Woodnook back to the good ol’ days.

If you are interested in helping out your local community, with residents at the Woodnook in the Café or somewhere else, please contact Serge Chapman on 07756 908525 or sergechapman@southmead.org. Join Community Bingo at the Woodnook at 7pm every Wednesday.