Advertising & Space Rates




Email adverts for the printed edition complete and at highest resolution to: (please confirm which size you require).  Attach your advert to the email as a PDF file.


  • A4   210 x 297mm   08.3 x 11.7in   £240 (Portrait only)
  • A5   148 x 210mm   05.8 x 08.3in   £138 (Landscape only)
  • A6   105 x 148mm   04.1 x 05.8in   £  80 (Portrait only)


How about writing a piece about your organisation or your work to give your advert some context?  You’ll need to supply 200-300 words to go along with your advert.

  • A4   editorial with advert/image    £138

We print 2000 copies and distribute them to centres, schools, surgeries, the Library, shops, pubs and cafes in Southmead.



Our community writes The Mead; it contains a range of stories, news, listings and notices contributed by Southmead Residents, Volunteers and Workers, as well as those who want to reach our residents.

If you run a group or volunteer/work for an organisation please encourage your contacts to contribute items. Each item requires a photo (unedited and at best resolution).

Please check the home page for printing deadlines.





In 2022 the Southmead Development Trust agreed to support The Mead for two years after it struggled during the pandemic.

Our Fourteen grant via Quartet helped us to work towards sustainability in 2017-2018.



Last updated February 2023.