We’re launching TimeBank Southmead – the first TimeBank in Bristol!

It’s been a strange and challenging 6 months for everyone in our community, locally, nationally and globally. It’s also been a time where local people have shown great strength and humanity. We’ve come together and helped each other and our community. It’s been a time of checking in on neighbours, distant doorstep catch ups and online quizzes.

We’ve seen an increased need for support at home as people had to isolate. Residents used online support and had a helping hand from organisations and neighbours with tasks like shopping, especially for those who couldn’t go out. It’s definitely been a time of change! And we’ve seen some positive things come out of it.

We know community is important to us in Southmead! We wanted us all to stay connected and keep helping each other as we enter the ‘new norm’. So, we at Southmead Development Trust have teamed up with Bristol City Council to start the first TimeBank pilot in Bristol – TimeBank Southmead!

The question is: what is TimeBanking?

TimeBanking is when you help somebody out with an activity and earn time credits. It could be a household task or to learn a new skill. You mow a neighbour’s lawn for an hour, you gain an hour’s time credit. Then you can spend your time credits to get help with an activity yourself! You could also pass your time credit on to other TimeBank members, if they need help with something.

It’s totally free! You can do all sorts of activities to help one another – dog walking, DIY, cake baking, computer skills, gardening and more! It’s a creative, neighbourly way of lending a hand, sharing skills and staying connected.

The important thing about TimeBanking is everyone’s time and skills are valued equally. Everyone has something to offer and everyone needs a helping hand sometimes! By earning and and spending ‘time’, all members of the community are able to give and receive help in equal measure.

To find out more about TimeBank Southmead and for details about how to sign up visit our website:

TimeBank Southmead