Understanding Yourself: Monday 15th April

What is the workshop about?

Classically, we are our own worst critics. The Understanding Yourself course aims to help us dispel some of our negativity towards ourselves and improve our outward lives and inner wellbeing by knowing ourselves better, recognising our strengths and attributes and increasing our self-awareness.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is feeling that things aren’t quite balancing out, despite their best efforts; is generally helpful for those experiencing a lack of motivation but want to move forward.

How is it taught?

An engaging mix of reflection practise, group discussion, interactive arts-and-crafts based activities and paired and individual written work.

What will be learnt?

  • A better understanding of your values and how they fit into your life
  • An increased self-awareness
  • Tools to take forward in order to continue developing a healthy relationship with yourself

Date: Monday 15 April

Venue: Cabot Room, Greenway Centre, BS10 5PY

Time: 2pm – 4:30pm

The workshop is free but you will need to complete our booking form: https://www.second-step.co.uk/booking-form to guarantee your place.