Meaders’ Letters: New Brunswick Meeting Rooms

Can anyone throw some light on just what is going on with the New Brunswick Meeting Rooms?

Anyone passing by on either Wigton Crescent or Glencoyne Square will have noticed that the Meeting Rooms although getting some use appear to be having trouble keeping the grounds up together, what used to be a relatively well kept establishment, now appears to be letting things go.

I have noticed that recently the Wigton Crescent Gates are now locked when the rooms are not in use, but the grounds are beginning to be a bit of an eyesore. The wheelie bins appear to have been abandoned along with recycling boxes and parking bollards in full view by the gates, why are they allowed to get away with this, it is a terrible sight.

As for the Glencoyne Square entrance, this hasn’t been tended to for years by the looks of it. Along the fence the trees have grown so much unattended, they are growing through the fence and dying in the process. And who is using it as a rubbish tip?

Obviously the United Reform Church still meets there, as do other groups, couldn’t you all get together and show a little pride in our neighbourhood?

The current watchword is ‘regeneration’, it appears theirs is ‘degeneration’.

Would someone from one of the user groups care to respond?

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your letter.  The Mead understands that the United Reformed Church recently invited all neighbours to a public meeting to discuss issues relating to their building and adjacent land.  The local police attended the meeting.  If any new issues have arisen since this meeting please email URC directly: