Meaders At The Mansion House

A touch of Southmead glamour was added to the Lord Mayor’s house today (15th October) by a visit from two of our finest, and most valued, community Volunteers. Deana Perry and Sheralyn Fowler were invited to an afternoon tea-party, at The Mansion House, to celebrate the installation of a special piece of art to commemorate 800 years of Mayoral governance in Bristol. After tea, with scones and jam (which were so delicious that Sheralyn asked for the jam recipe!), Lord Mayor Jeff Lovell cut the ribbon from the beautiful wrought-iron work, a gift from the Guild of Guardians. Lord Mayor Lovell was approachable and good-natured, and Sheralyn and Deana chatted to him about our community. Both Volunteers were integral to the Southmead Survey, the resulting Community Plan, and now to its ongoing projects. Sheralyn felt that the Mayor, who told us he was from Knowle West, was a “rite diamond”; another in the group said they thought he bears a striking resemblance to Strictly’s Len Goodman (not only due to costumes, feathers and finery).

The Lord Mayor also opened a new museum section which has been especially created for visiting children to learn about Bristol’s Civic and Mayoral history throughout the ages.  There was much splendour to admire about the house including finely framed pictures of the original Mansion House, in Queen Square, which was burned down during the Bristol Riots of 1831. There were mirrors, sculptures, and ceremonial swords, of which Bristol has four: the Mourning Sword (1373); the Pearl Sword (1431); the Lent Sword (1459); and the State Sword (1752). On arrival, Sheralyn and Deana were warmly welcomed by Peter Watts, Civic Affairs Officer, bearing the Lent Sword; they all engaged in light banter about chopping off heads!

Deana and Sheralyn said they really enjoyed the experience; their bright smiles and gentle humour certainly enhanced the occasion and caught the Lord Mayor’s attention. You might like to join the Lord Mayor for a cup of tea?  He’s ‘at home’ to welcome visitors on the first Wednesday of each month; make a booking via  If you would like to ask Sheralyn or Deana more about today’s event, or about their important voluntary work, please get in touch via our contact page. Click Southmead Community Plan for further info about projects, and to find out about becoming a Volunteer in Southmead click here.