Why I set up Bill and Ted’s Pig Inn Pet Services

After nursing and then experiencing the loss of my beloved Saemus-cat, I was wholly shocked by the indifference and lack of support I received.  This was not only from friends, but also from my workplace who did not officially acknowledge my grief or offer compassionate leave.

As a qualified spiritualist ​I know that the loss of a family member can affect everyone differently, but it does not matter what form that loss takes; the process of grieving is the same and that should be acknowledged.  My feelings of despair, loneliness and even depression were overwhelming, yet I watched a colleague get all the support they needed for their loss while I was expected to grit my teeth, swallow my emotions and get on with it in a deepening pool of isolation.

My own experience spurred me on to change my career direction in to animal welfare and, in memory of Saemus-cat, I set up pet services in North Bristol at Bill and Ted’s Pig Inn.  In your absence your pets deserve the best care; we insist on the highest standards and are proud of our National Association of Registered Pet Sitters membership.

Please talk to me about what you need, our services include:

  • small animal boarding: bed and breakfast – both short and long-term accommodation.
  • pet sitting: house visits for hutched clients; dog walking; home visits for feline clients
  • pet bereavement services

contact: Teri at Pig Inn Marvellous (Bill and Ted’s Small Animal Boarding and Pet Bereavement Facilitation).  email: teri@piginnmarvellous.co.uk, tel: 07966293113, www.piginnmarvellous.co.uk

(photo above) Teri and Saemus-cat

(photo below) Bill and Ted – audacious dudes and Peruvian Guinea Pigs!