A Goodbye to Rev Tanya Lord

By Alison Prince.

It is with a heavy heart we would like to say that our dear Rev Tanya Lord has resigned from St Stephen’s Church, Southmead.

Tanya has bought so many wonderful things to Southmead. Christmas Through the Keyhole, open the book assemblies, holiday clubs and Make Lunch to mention a few. She has turned St Stephen’s Church into a welcoming family church, and most of all been an amazing friend to many.

We will all miss our dear friend and Rev whose resignation letter you can find for yourself on the website.

We would like to wish Tanya all the best as she, Glenn and Mary start their new adventure.

Please do join us at Tanya’s last service on 16th December at 6pm. Bring your friends and family and let’s give her a send off that she deserves.

We would also like to wish Trevor Meardon and his family all the best at his new post in Patchway. It has been a pleasure to get to know them over the last few years!