Young carers gather to get a break and crucial support

Did you know that many local children and young people are caring for someone at home? Young carers are just kids, yet they care for someone at home who could not manage without their help. The average age of a young carer is just 13 years old, and some are as young as 8.

Local charity, Carers Support Centre, is raising awareness for Young Carers’ Action Day, which is on Wednesday 16th March. The charity supports young carers with assessments, one-to-one and family support, groups and activities.

This year’s theme is taking action on isolation. Young carers carry a heavy responsibility, caring for sick and disabled family members. They are often isolated and lonely, they miss out on opportunities and are bullied.

Carers Support Centre’s annual survey found 75% of local young carers feel isolated and 25% said that they have felt more isolated in the last year because of Covid. Carers Support Centre’s specialised young carers service tackles isolation head on. Regular carers groups, trips and activities bring local young carers together to take a break and have some much-needed fun. The need for young carers to connect with others, get support and feel able to reach out is so important.

“I used to keep feelings and thoughts to myself, but now I am really open and honest about how I feel.” Georgia

To mark Young Carers Action Day, Carers Support Centre is holding two events for local young carers; one in South Gloucestershire at the You Foundation in Staple Hill in partnership with local schools, and the other in Bristol at The Station, in partnership with Creative Youth Network. These events bring young carers together to have fun, take a break from their caring role, and feel better connected with each other – as well as local support services available to them.

Please visit the Carers Support Centre website to learn more about their services and how to make a young carer referral:

0117 958 9980