What’s for Tea, Southmead?

As part of the fully funded Meadows to Meaders project, exploring the history of Southmead and its creation in the 1930s, we have an exciting opportunity for all members of the community to work alongside students from Orchard Secondary School to explore some tastes from the past. Bristol-based cookery company Travelling Kitchen will be running cookery workshops at Orchard Secondary School, in November, and through to 14th December. All of the ingredients are provided free of charge, and each Wednesday people will be cooking something tasty that they can take home for tea! The next cookery workshop is taking place at Orchard Secondary School at 2.45pm, Wednesday 16th November. If you have any questions, or want to come along to these sessions, then do please email: info@travellingkitchen.org or ring Sarah on 07761 817052. We can arrange transport to and from these sessions for you. More about the project at www.locallearning.org.uk/meadows2meaders .