We’re Delighted to Share our Impact Report

What does the Southmead Development Trust do?  What does the Trust achieve?  How does it work?

We’re delighted and proud to share with you our Impact Report for 2022 – 2023.  Highlights include: our generation of £68m of social value; more than 3,800 adults and young people supported by our teams; 50t of C02e saved through improvements to our buildings; and 10k copies of our community magazine The Mead printed to help keep residents connected.

Kevin Sweeny, our Chair, says: “The challenge for any organisation working in the community is how do we prove our work has an impact and how do we show or measure this?

“We know our work makes a difference to our community.  Because we live and work here we see it daily and that is why this Social Impact Report is so important.  It lets us share the work and celebrate the value that community led organisations bring to the world.

“Local people, working with a committed staff team, have made a difference.  As well as knowing it amongst ourselves, now we can also prove it. This report is an insight into the work of Southmead Development Trust and is a testament to the hard work of all the workers, volunteers, and Trustees.  I want to thank them and Southmead for being the vibrant community we all love.”

Please click HERE to read the full report.

We welcome all your comments and questions to info@southmead.org, or via phone on 0117 950 3335.  Once you’ve read the report, do browse our website for loads more info about what we do and What’s On at our centres.