We Are Good!

Badock’s Wood E-act Academy are delighted to let you know that after a recent Ofsted inspection the school has been graded Good in all areas. Head teacher Jonathan Arther said, ‘This is a fantastic achievement for our academy and it cements the outstanding progress we have made. Our aim is to ensure that all of our students continue to grow and become well rounded individuals. I feel incredibly proud to be surrounded by dedicated teachers and staff that are committed in nurturing all of our pupils to their full potential.’

Ofsted praised the ‘broad and ambitious curriculum’ that the school has worked hard to develop. The curriculum supports pupils knowledge and grounds ideas in real life careers with engineers and astronomers, postmen and performers, authors and scientists all coming into the school to inspire pupils. Ofsted saw students take on leadership roles and act as role models for younger pupils, as well as recognising that ‘pupils are well cared for and that they feel happy and safe at school’.

The report noted that the school has high expectations for all it’s pupils and has a culture of respect. This leads to pupils being positive about their learning and being calm and concentrating in lessons. Pupils with complex needs are well supported in the school and pupils get appropriate support when they need it.

Over the last year the school has been excited to welcome in members of the community as they have joined as pupils, taken part in courses in the community hub or have come in to speak to pupils and their lives and careers. Thank you for your support.

The journey for the school doesn’t stop here and we are so grateful for the work of staff, pupils, and the community who have supported us so far and we look forward to seeing you all join with us as we continue to ensure that Badock’s is a school that nurtures happy, healthy young people who have the knowledge, academic achievement and strength of character to lead safe and successful lives.