Three weeks until our printed edition deadline!

We’re excited about being able to print the first edition of The Mead since the pandemic.  We will be distributing two thousand copies around the community in the week beginning Monday 16th May.

The Southmead Development Trust will now be supporting The Mead, enabling its Community Development and Communications teams to work on the editions.  Residents can drop in to Community Corner at the Greenway Centre every other Tuesday, from 3:00pm to 4:00pm, to get help to write and submit items.  If you’d like support do pop in for a cuppa and a chat with Lucille and Keeley – the first session is Tuesday 5th April.

The deadline to submit your items for print is now three weeks from today on Friday 22nd April.

You can self-publish your items via the submission form – or email your items to:

Please email only plain text – no emboldening, italics or underlining.  Do attach an unedited image to best illustrate your piece.  If images are edited in anyway they lose their resolution and sharpness – we can edit them before we print them to make them look their best.

We can’t wait to publish your items!