Think You Know Bristol? Quiz

Think you know Bristol? Here’s a quiz from S. Hare. We’ll post the answers in the near future once everyone has had a crack. Leave your answers in the comments below!

  1. You would not go there for a cold drink.
  2. Stagger in a descending direction.
  3. The centre of government.
  4.  It’s on the coast where you could make flour.
  5. Just what the doctor ordered.
  6. How to inflame a senior cleric.
  7. Ancient territory.
  8. Bristolian who’s always boasting.
  9. Executive cleric does 100 mph.
  10. Where the lady of ill repute makes a daisy chain.
  11. What to reinforce a tear in a  material with the    residue of curdled milk.
  12. The finale is feeling low.
  13. Place for a sleepy cathedral.
  14. An embarrassed farmers land.
  15. Fix it with metal fasteners and it’s heavy.
  16. Rental agreement for poultry.
  17. Type of horse in front of a London palace.
  18. A witch’s brush may live on the top of it.
  19. Inter a chicken.
  20. Monarch in the forest.
  21. Rose barb is interred.
  22. Where anglers might go?
  23. Come from Paris, do you?
  24. A colour that takes ages to get better.
  25. Repairs a tooth cavity but is heavy.