The Perils of Sitting – How much sitting do you do a day?

Living a sedentary lifestyle is well known to have an adverse effect on your health. It increases the risk of obesity, bowel problems, diabetes, lower back pain, mental health issues, some types of cancer and even early death. Many adults spend more than 7 hours sitting a day, whether that’s commuting, sat at a desk or watching TV. The evidence suggests you should take an active break from sitting every 30 minutes, even if that’s just standing up and walking around the room for a few minutes. These regular small steps can significantly reduce health risks associated with being sedentary.

As the festive season is fast approaching maybe this could influence your new years resolution? NHS England recommend in addition, 150 minutes of regular moderate exercise every week. Grab yourself a pedometer and aim to get those 10,000 steps a day, participate in couch to 5k or join the many hundreds of runners around Bristol who run Parkrun, a free 5km every Saturday. Its never too late to make that change #sitlessmovemore