Talking About Menopause

Women from all over the city are invited to Bristol Women’s Voice’s Talking About Menopause event, 24th November 2 – 4pm at Unitarian Chapel, Brunswick Square BS2 8PE. Come and learn about menopause, meet other women experiencing similar things and take part in some fun activities. Our brand new information pack will be available in draft form and attendees will be asked what they would like to see on a new website, Menopause Bristol, which will be launched in March 2019. Attendees will be able to feed back about what they would like to see at future events around the city and talk about what else might help women going through menopause. We believe that women should be open about their menopause experiences, able ask for what they need from workplaces and services and not feel ashamed of what they are experiencing.

In Bristol 11,186 women aged 50 and above are currently going through the menopause (based on figures from 2017). Half of women between 45 and 65 experiencing the menopause nationally reported that symptoms had negatively affected their home lives. A third reported that their symptoms negatively affected their work or social lives. Shame and stigma stops some women from talking about their experiences, seeking help from professionals or sharing what is happening with their workplaces. Following a study from the Bristol Women’s Commission Health Task Group, Bristol Women’s Voice has been working to set up partnerships bringing together different organisations working on the menopause and to set up peer-support groups and an information pack for employers and women.

Other menopause activities have been taking place around Bristol. Representatives from Bristol Women’s Voice, Public Health, the NHS, QWIM (a menopause facebook group), Women at a Certain Stage and Bristol University have formed the group Menopause Bristol, an action focused group working towards better provision. Women at a Certain Stage, a business that supports women to understand and cope with their menopausal symptoms, held a conference at Airbus on the 18th of October (World Menopause Day) encouraging businesses to implement menopause policies. Menopause socials are regularly held at Windmill Hill City Farm – more information can be found here If you would like to talk about menopause online you can join the facebook group QWIM (Quixotic Women In Menopause) for friendly conversation, advice and sharing.

The event is FREE (please register for a ticket so we can monitor numbers) and open to women of all ages. If you have access needs please email us at We can cover some transport and childcare costs, please email us for more information.