Southmead’s Past On Display

Following on from the success of our very own soap opera, ‘Meadows to Meaders’, an exhibition about our past was launched at Southmead library on 11th July 2017.

Along with the rent books and wartime tin-helmets are the recorded voices of people telling their own stories from as far back as the 1930s.  Attending the very relaxed and informal launch event were people whose very roots were firmly planted in our community’s history.  Memories were exchanged between these people who had helped to build a community; there was humour but also recognition for the harshness of some of the struggles of those past years

Meadows to Meaders has been a mirror, an insight into what, in reality, makes a community. There was genuine affection for this place we call home, but a recognition for all the changing and challenging times we all must face. But we are Meaders and together we shall hold on to this place so dear to us that is our SOUTHMEAD.

by Kathleen Horseman, Southmead Resident

The ‘Meadows to Meaders’ exhibition is open to all at Southmead Library.