Team Southmead held another great meeting for all things Southmead yesterday (30th July).  Team Southmead are the residents volunteer group who work to find opportunities for Southmead Residents and to keep the community’s issues at the top of the City’s agenda.

  • Lucy from Bristol City Council attended to give us details of the new road and parking arrangements to support the regeneration of Glencoyne Square.
  • Ric from Bristol City Council told us more about the wonderful project to support school children’s reading.  The Council is going to offer training and placements around the City for adults to help every child to read.  This is being complemented by members of Team Southmead who are already directly signed up with Little Mead school to support children reading there after the school published an item in The Mead asking for help.
  • Hannah and Maddy from Southmead Development Trust’s Regeneration Team explained more detail about the plans to build 120, one and two bedroom apartments on Glencoyne Square, and showed the latest designs.
  • Alan told us more about specific problems on Twenty Acres which centre on the Council not providing adequate services there.
  • Jacqui gave details of the St Stephen’s Church save the Community Clock appeal and confirmed that the Bishop of Bristol has offered to be the patron of the project.

Lots more things were discussed, and when they are ready you can read the full minutes from the meeting on The Mead website under the Team Southmead tab.

Everyone is welcome to join Team Southmead – just contact Deana Perry (  The next meeting, along with the AGM, is on Tuesday 27th August from 11am – 1pm at Southmead Library.