Southmead Regeneration – Frequently Asked Questions…

Some frequently asked questions about first phase of Southmead Regeneration Project: the development of homes and community space on Glencoyne Square.

Between January – May the Regeneration Team ran lots of consultation events on the design of Glencoyne Square. The information gathered from consultation has been fed back to the architects who are now drawing up detailed design drawings. We are aiming to submit a planning application in September 2019.

To refresh your memory on Southmead Regeneration, have a read of our frequently asked questions (and answers!). If you’d like to learn more, visit, and you are always welcome to send questions or feedback to the Regeneration team directly by emailing Hannah at – we would love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions…

What is the Glencoyne Square Project?

The first phase of a community led regeneration project for the centre of Southmead that is likely to provide about 120 homes as well as new community amenities and improved open spaces on Glencoyne Square.

Why Glencoyne Square?

The development of the Community plan, which surveyed 900 people, identified Glencoyne Square as a large underused space prone to anti-social behaviour, for example, riding and burning out of motor bikes. The feedback from the community was that they would like something done to address this and make Glencoyne Square and Arnside Rd an attractive area that people wanted to come to.

What will the project deliver?

The aim of the project is to improve this central part of Southmead for residents now and into the future. It is also hoped that the development will generate income in years to come to help pay for and support the neighbourhood and its priorities, for example, this might be funds to pay for workers to tackle the priorities in Southmead e.g. youth workers and/or other community based workers.

What will be built on Glencoyne Square?

To date the following has been identified through the masterplan process carried out between June and October 2018, through community consultation and working with Bristol City Council:

  • Approximately 120 new homes
  • A new play area
  • Improved roads, paths etc
  • Provision of new community amenities which are not all known at this stage but are likely to include a new health centre as well as other facilities/businesses.

Who will the homes be for?

The Community Plan identified that there was a need for smaller homes for older people who would like to downsize but stay in the local area, also younger people who would like to live near their families as well as key workers such as hospital workers.

It is intended to build 1 and 2 bed apartments available via a range of tenures, for example, affordable rent, discounted market rent, shared ownership and market rent on longer tenancies.

There will be a local lettings policy agreed with Bristol City Council to make sure many of the homes are available to people with a local connection.

Future phases on other sites in the area will see the development of family houses.

How are the community involved?

Southmead Development Trust, the community organisation owned and run by the community, is supporting the project. Southmead Development Trust are working with the Arnside and Glencoyne Regeneration Project (AGRP) a group of residents and stakeholders who have been meeting since 2015 and who have the responsibility of steering the project.

Key to the success of this project is community involvement and, as during the Master planning stage there will be lots of opportunity for residents to get involved and/or give their input to the project. We’ll have pop up events, community drop in events, and an exhibition at Southmead Festival. To stay updated – see the ‘What’s Happening Now’ and ‘How to Stay Updated’ section on this window!

How will the project be funded?

The funding for the project will be part grant which Southmead Development Trust and the housing association partner United Communities will have to bid for and the rest will be through borrowing from banks. The amount borrowed is linked to the income from the rents (we have to make sure we can pay back the loans!).
Who are United Communities?

United Communities are a Bristol based housing association with a lot of experience in developing affordable homes and working on community led projects like Glencoyne, this is why they were selected at Southmead Development Trust’s partner.
What will United Communities do?

United communities are working with Southmead Development Trust, the community, architect and the contractor to help design the project and work out the costs etc. United communities are also likely to take the lead when it comes to managing the build contract and will own and manage over half of the homes built.

What is the timescale?

Between January and July, we will be working on the design of the scheme and submitting a planning application to Bristol City Council in Autumn 2019.

During this time there will be lots of opportunities to get involved in helping with design choices from colour of brick and stone to type of trees.

We hope to have planning permission by March 2020 and enter into contract with the contractor March 2020.

We don’t know how long the build programme will take but will be make it available as soon as we can.

Will there be a disruption during the building works?

Yes, is the short answer, however, the project will be carefully phased to minimise disruption to local people. Also, the contractor will have a nominated person who will be the community liaison ensuring regular communications with the neighbourhood.

Will cars be allowed to drive up Arnside Road?

Yes, cars will still be allowed to drive up Arnside road.

The road will not be pedestrianised.

Finally . . .

This FAQ sheet is focused just on Glencoyne Square, however, improvement works are also being developed for Arnside Road shopping area and Greystoke Avenue. These are being done by Bristol City Council and are likely to start on site spring 2020. Bristol City Council are responsible for liaising with people on these works but are providing regular updates to AGRP and where it is possible Southmead Development Trust will help out.