Share the News: The Mead on Paper is Out and About!

As well as producing this digital newsfeed when there’s something to share, The Mead is printed on paper bi-monthly and delivered to locations in the Southmead area to target residents who do not or cannot read news online.  Our mission at the Trust here is always to connect as many people as possible to tackle isolation and loneliness and strive to share the activities, support and events we can all access, and to keep everyone up to date with the work of the Trust for Southmead and North Bristol.

If you know anyone who would love a paper copy of The Mead please pick one up for them at one of our important distribution points: Greenway Centre; The Ranch; Southmead Community Centre; Greenway Community Practice; Henbury & Southmead Family Practice; and Southmead Library.  The issues also go into every pupil’s book bag at Badock’s Wood and Fonthill Schools.  Thank you to all these venues for helping to keep our community connected – we’re all in it together!

You can contact The Mead directly via email:, or by leaving a message at the Greenway Centre, tel: 0117 950 3335.

Remember to add any items you want to share with the community via this website or by email, and let us know if you would particularly like to add something to the paper edition to reach offline residents.  Read the latest paper issue, but via a digital flip, by clicking the pic below.