Reminiscing Southmead, a Poem

Being born in the sixties, growing up through the seventies.

Living in an area, full of green grass, blue skies and lots of pleasantries.

The place is our home, this area known as southmead.

It’s community with many types of people, big, small, black white and foreign indeed.

It’s small, it’s unique, with many types of churches.

Holier than thou, a blessed community emerges.

Southmead has more highlights, like many public houses.

Where many people come gathering, drinking joyfully with their spouses.

With a community centre, for disco, dance and all people’s hobby

And at times not so nice, when you see the local Bobby.

For the more quieter type of person, a library, come collect a book.

We read to our children, and the computer to look.

There’s also the greenway centre, which holds all the big events.

Local bands like Hooper, famous ones too,keeping fit , meetings, it’s what it represents.

Let’s not forget all the children, who live all around.

Played, plays this park, The Ranch, adventure playground.

Where you could jump on that pulley and fly through the air.

Children running, jumping, sounds of laughter, joyful to bear.

At the end of the ranch, A beautiful piece of woodland.

With its open air and quietness, close your eyes, your thoughts can expand.

Sounds of the water flowing through the stream, leaves a whistling through the tree.

Walkers with dogs barking, birds singing, delightful, flying free.

Well southmead and education primary school there’s four.

But we all feel very sadden, fighting one, but it’s no more.

We had greenway boys, pen park girls secondary school.

Well southmead and education, became all minuscule.

With the youth club, being full back in my day .

Things got so costly, it almost closed, a price we have to pay.

Two parks in the area, with not much inside.

The children getting bored and ruthless, until new equipment applied.

To the mature elder people,

To whom we respect.

Your teaching, We’re learning,

Given time to reflect.

Slowly it’s southmead having a totally new revamp.

Brand new and stylish, giving it a glamorous stamp.

See this area called southmead, is beautiful to see.

A joyous community, striving together, it’s how it should be.

Meaders the name, we inherited from someone living here.

Including the ones who moved far away e.g Darth Vader, and the ones even near.

1970’s southmead group, which started on Facebook.

Is absolutely tremendous, no meaders forsook.

Reaching to all ages, sharing memories , even a tv show.

It’s intriguing, it’s interesting, everyone should know.

written by E E Shand