Regenerating Trymside

Exciting plans are afoot to regenerate the Trymside/Trym valley area between Doncaster Rd and Shetland Rd. This green space, which is much used and appreciated by dog owners, has an important role to play in the coming years.

The Trym collects rainwater run-off from the Southmead estate, which can lead to flash floods. These wear away the riverbanks in the valley, and lead to further issues down-stream in Badock’s Wood and Blaise.  Planting more trees in the valley will prevent riverbank erosion and will lead to better flood management and more species living in the river.

These trees could include riparian (riverside) woodland, deciduous woodland, a community orchard and hopefully Bristol’s first ever ‘Mini-Forest’ complete with an outdoor classroom.  Using native species and some threatened British trees such as black poplar will also give homes to many birds, insects and mammals in the valley.

Upstream, between Trowbridge Rd and Shetland, is the rare and valuable habitat of limestone meadow. This is the only place in the city which is the same as the Avon Gorge, the most bio-diverse area in Bristol. With good management, this can be converted into wildflower meadows, bringing yet more species and interest into Southmead.

The consultation for this area is out in October. Sustainable Southmead are working with Bristol Council, EarthWatch, the Trout In The Trym campaign and the local schools to find out what you want to see in this area, and to help as many people as possible to get involved.

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