Putting the Tea in Tech! A Cuppa and Support with your Digital Device

I wonder, have you ever found yourself puzzled by your phone, a laptop or tablet not doing what you want it to, or not sure how to keep up with the latest updates?

If so, you are not alone! Many things are moving online, whether getting your food shopping, staying connected with friends and family, or online banking, and it can be frustrating if you’ve never been shown before.

This is why Techy Tea Party is here!  

Techy Tea Party happens every two weeks at the Greenway Centre in our Community Corner.  We help with any questions you might have about using your phone, laptop, tablet and more.  You might want to come along to learn something new.

The word seems to be spreading as we had lots of people visit us at Techy Tea Party last time.  We loved welcoming people with a free hot drink and hearing about their techy issues.

June wanted to learn how to attach a letter to an email, and put emails into folders.  Susan wanted to move her contacts to a new phone.  And Steve wanted to learn more about using his phone. Afterwards, June described feeling much more confident and would no longer avoid the “monster” laptop!

We have a team of knowledgeable volunteers who look forward to welcoming you with a hot drink and techy advice.  

If you’re reading this and know anyone who struggles with technology, please let them know about Techy Tea Party.  

Please spread the word – our next session is on Monday 6th November.  You view the details on our What’s On calendar HERE, and find out what else is on at the Greenway Centre.

If you’d like to volunteer your tech skills to others who need them, do get in touch.  Contact Eve, tel: 0117 950 3335 or email: evepayne@southmead.org