Please add your items for print in February

The purpose of The Mead’s bi-monthly printed edition is to make sure offline Southmead Residents have full access to info about everything going on in our community, including What’s On and news.  For some of our residents The Mead in print is the only source for local meetings, classes and events.  We print 2000 copies which are distributed by Volunteers, with a special focus on delivering to residents in sheltered accommodation.  Plus every child in Badock’s Wood and Fonthill School takes a copy home to pass on to anyone they know who does not access our website.  Make sure your notice or news reaches everyone.  Whether it’s a new club, a celebration, a call for help, your opinion, a question, or a story, we’d love to help you share it.

The next deadline to add your piece to the website for inclusion in the February printed edition is January 17th.  Go to

Thank you for helping to keep everyone in Southmead connected.