Peaceful Resolutions

When world events seem overwhelming, it’s easy to think there’s nothing we can do to help but watch the news in despair.  But here in our community, I’ve been having conversations about just how important it is to keep talking with each other about how we feel and what we believe, as a starting point for mutual understanding and taking action. 

Understanding can come from difference; and difference often means conflict or disagreement.  But we know that disagreement is ok when it’s based on trust and respectful interactions – the way we disagree – where all of us are open to learning and to recognise our own limits in experience and knowledge. 

It’s our aim that everyone who visits Greenway feels comfortable and unashamed of what they know, and what they would like to know more about; to be able to share strong views, or even ager about something, in a safe and respectful way. 

When we ask people why they come to Greenway we hear, “I feel safe”, “it’s friendly”, “I feel welcome here”, and we take great heart from this, to be able provide a space where everyone is valued and heard. 

I know that some people see Greenway as a place of sanctuary, where they can get a cup of tea and see a friendly face, whoever they are, wherever they have come from, and whatever they believe. There is always someone to talk to and our daily groups in Community Corner have sharing a hot drink and companionship at their core. 

One conversation at a time, the work we do at Greenway takes us closer to peace and understanding, and to work out what kind of action we’d all like to take.  Residents have voiced that they would like to create the opportunity for us to all come together for positive activity in the face of the constant stream of frightening things in the news.  We are now in the very early stages of planning something, if you have any ideas or would like to be involved, please contact me.  

We can’t control international relations, but we can control how we handle things, and we can raise our kids to be kind. You know the saying ‘what you focus on grows’?  Let’s keep focussing on staying open-hearted in our community and taking positive action together.  


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