New Volunteer Editor: Inclusion Editor

Welcome to our new Volunteer Inclusion Editor: “Hi – I am Deana Perry and I am Secretary of Team Southmead (resident led community action).

I volunteer for many things and a few years ago I helped with the creation of the Southmead Community Plan.

Residents filled out surveys and when asked how they found out what was happening in Southmead there were only two forms of communication – word of mouth and The Mead.

This shows how important The Mead is and when I deliver it to the sheltered accommodations the residents are so happy to receive them they literally rip them out of my hands!

We are working on notice-boards for Southmead (I know we have only been talking about it for five years, but we are nearly there I promise).  However, some residents cannot get out and about easily, so The Mead is their lifeline to what is going on in Southmead.

I want to encourage EVERYONE to write their own story”.