Morning Walk

North wind stinging pale soft skin, then a tingling

A shudder. Feet crunching on glass like grass.

White autumn offering, the hoar frost gathering

On a spiders web. Moist, glistening. Diamante.

Breathe streaming, sleepiness cascades from body

Vitals enliven. Red fluid, blood now pumping.

Dawn chorus overhead. Paregoric, satiated.

To and fro they sweep and soar. Undecided.

They shriek their warnings. Stranger approaching.

Small pneumatic drill, the woodpecker bores,

His breakfast he seeks, before disappearing.

A shy one. One glimpse. A flash of green.

Thrasonical blackbirds inform the morning

Food in plenty. Life is very, very good.

Supercilious crows screech ay invaders

In their territory, warning all who venture there.