Mindfulness Helps Mike Care “patiently, effectively and kindly” For His Wife

When you start looking after someone, it can often begin with picking up more chores and assistance around the houseBut this can change as their health deteriorates over timeAnyone can quickly become the main source of support for a family member, friend or neighbour with advanced physical or mental health conditions.

Since the pandemic, more people than ever are providing crucial care at home. After a year of reduced services and shieldingmany carers are suffering from increased stress, isolation and health issues of their own.

This is exactly the case for local carer, Mike. He cares for his wife who has coronary artery disease and early-stage vascular dementia. He has been caring for his wife for many years, but has recently been struggling with his own health problems too.

Mike needed to find a way to balance caring for his wife alongside reducing his own stress and anxiety. Mike signed up for a mindfulness course provided by local charity, Carers Support Centre. The charity runs a range of courses and training events for carersThey are all delivered to give carers better coping strategies and are completely free of charge.

Since the Covid crisis, the charity has moved their training online and Mike is just one carer to benefit from Carers Support Centre’s online training.

He recently attended two mindfulness workshops, which introduce carers to techniques that focus on being ‘in the moment’, relaxed and receptive. He says:

The workshops have been an absolute godsend. I’ve been able to concentrate more easily from home, than if I’d been in an in-person situation. And I can still hear other carers’ thoughts and ideas without having to leave my wife alone for too long. 

I am already using some of the meditation techniques from the workshops and certainly feel more positive as a result. I can see benefits both for my own health and for my ability to care patiently, effectively and kindly for my wife.”

Carers Support Centre runs a variety of training sessions, from ‘Caring and understanding dementia’ and ‘Living with loss and change’ to healthy eating and sleep workshopsCarers have told the charity that the training has a major impact, giving them confidence and enabling them to regain a sense of control over their lives.

To find out about upcoming courses and workshops for carers, visit the Carers Support Centre website or call CarersLine. 
CarersLine: 0117 965 2200