Messing about in Southmead’s River on Sunday 20th June 2021

This summer, why not pull on your wellies and come down to the River Trym and Hazelbrook?

Between June and August, Sustainable Southmead are joining with other groups in the ‘Trout in the Trym’ project, along the river, to remove all the Himalayan Balsam.  This invasive non-native plant crowds out British species, reduces food for pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, and when it collapses in winter it leaves the banks open to erosion and to being worn away. By removing it, we get more different plants growing which then feed more insects and stabilises the river-banks.

It’s easy to pull out, and we have leaders who will train you to recognise the plant and show you how to do it.  All you need to bring is stout shoes or wellies and gardening gloves if you have them.

We welcome everyone of all ages and abilities – you can do as much or as little as you like, and help out by chatting to people and telling them about the river if you are not physically able to pull plants.

Our aim is to improve the whole river ecosystem to the point where wild trout can one day live and breed along the Trym & Hazel Brook.  This includes Badock’s Wood, and Blaise, which are already great places for wildlife.  Pulling out the Himalayan Balsam, planting with the new trees in the Trym Valley, the re-opening of Westbury Wildlife Park, and removing all the litter and fly-tipping in the river all help to achieve this long term goal.  Please come and be part of the change!

We will be Balsalm Bashing in Southmead Trym Valley Open Space on Sunday June 20th, 2-4pm.

Contact us at email: or to sign up and to find out about other Balsam Bashing dates this year.  Also keep checking The Mead calendar for next events.