Meadows to Meaders: A New Direction – The Soap Opera

In July 2017 Local Learning organised the captivating Soap Opera ‘From Meadows to Meaders’ which was performed on Ascot Road by Southmead residents. With the help of Bristol Old Vic, and numerous Southmead volunteers, the many fascinating stories of Southmead’s past were brought to life through a script written by Bea Roberts.

Since September 2018 Local Learning has been liaising with members of the local community to create yet another community soap opera script based on stories from Southmead’s past.

Starting on October 2nd Southmead individuals have met up at the writing workshop at the Greenway Centre to partake in the making of the script. This is done in order to keep the stories, of which the play will be based on, as genuine and historically accurate as possible. These are stories that could otherwise have been completely lost in time. The workshop has already been incredibly informative, enlightening and stimulating, and the partakers have been very willing to share their memories of Southmead.

Some of these stories have revolved around more obvious themes such as World War II, the Council Houses and the Southmead Hospital, but indeed more personal stories have also come to the forefront; stories about stolen vegetables, encounters with foxes, lively street parties and circus performances. Yet it seems that we have only just scratched the surface.

Bristol Old Vic will begin rehearsals for local residents in January 2019 at the Greenway Centre.

Meadows to Meaders: A New Direction will be performed at the Greenway Centre in March 2019.

Captured by Oddva Lauritsen, UWE History student working with Myers-Insole Local Learning CIC.