Marion’s Memory Lane – Festivals of Yesteryear

By Marion Garland.

The Southmead Festival used to be held on Glencoyne Square, which was always a great event; but of course we had to pray for good weather.

Southmead always put on a good show, there were many floats all decorated and they would travel around the streets so everyone could enjoy the parade. It really was a fantastic day.

I remember standing at the gate in Pen Park where we lived and saw lots of colourful floats decorated with balloons and ribbons. One float was of Pen Park girl’s school which had a banner  saying ‘goodbye Pen Park School’; that must have been just before the school was closed.

I took many photos but unfortunately I let someone borrow them and have never got them back. Would any reader know of their whereabouts? If you do please let me know.

The Festival had to move to Greenway because of the shelter there if it rained, as well as health and safety – there were a few issues at Glencoyne.

Let’s hope the sun shines on you all at this year’s Festival.

Do you recognise anyone on one of the old Festivals floats in the picture above?