Marion’s McMafia Coincidence!

A few months ago I got on a bus and picked up a free Metro paper. When I got home and started to read it I opened a page and there in front of me was a photo of the street I was born in. The street was Cranley Mews. This was being used for a television drama called McMafia. Obviously the street has altered since I was born but the address is the same. Friends didn’t believe that I was born in London but the proof of the pudding is on my birth certificate! While I was brought up in Southmead my London connection is still there. My grandparents  and aunts were loving and kind and I had a happy upbringing here. Marion G.

Credit: Lurot Brand/SWNS










Pictures: Cranley Mews (used for the McMafia series), Credit: Lurot Brand/SWNS