Make Lunch at St Stephen’s Easter 2019

From Volunteer Jacqui Searle:

What an exciting two days of happy noisy kids we had enjoying Make Lunch at St Stephen’s Church during the Easter holidays, it was amazing that we were full to capacity on both days.  The kids enjoyed games and crafts, especially the craft box kindly donated by another community group -Travelling Tea Pot.  I love the interaction and support shown by community groups – that’s what makes Southmead so special.  The Easter egg hunt was a hit.  The most important thing was our children were happy and well fed with delicious food provided by our wonderful lunch making volunteers, and everyone who gave up their time to make this all possible.

From Volunteer Alison Prince:

Make lunch is very much a team effort including people from St Stephen’s Church, Pentecostal Church, Community Church and the United Reformed Church, and even some members of the community that have no connection to any church!  We invite families to text us if they would like to send their primary school aged children to us for activities and lunch, we also have younger children attend with their parents.  Can I just say as busy as it is and as quick as it is over because we are having so much fun, each and every child I have met is unique, beautiful and a credit to their parents I LOVE helping with make lunch!  If you would like to find out more do email our administrator Rachel or look out for the Make Lunch poster.

From Volunteer Micheal Shields :

Once more, Make Lunch, hosted by St. Stephen’s Church, Southmead, on the days of Tuesday 9th and Thursday 11th April was a resounding success!  This activity has proved very popular with parents, and during the actual lunch every available table was filled with noisy kids engaging with each other during these few hours filled with stimulation and excitement.  Prior to lunch, children were encouraged to be involved in creative group activities across a selection of various play areas, closely supervised by adult volunteers.  Then followed a balanced multi-course lunch, consisting of good wholesome fare, cooked and prepared in the kitchen at St Stephen’s.  Each table was supervised by a volunteer who shared the meal with the kids.  It was indeed heartening to see some coming up and asking for seconds. This brought a smile to those who had cooked the food!  All too quickly, it was over . . . that is, until next time!