Lockdown in Southmead, a Poem by Julie

This worldwide virus is spreading so fast!

Taking no prisoners and from any creed, colour or class.

The spring of 2020 was certainly surreal,

Forcing lockdown, government broadcasts, loo roll shortage and lack of food for a meal!

Our busy family calendar had nothing but space,

Very unusual, but it put a smile on our face!

We missed the Greats, Gangan, Grandad, Nanny & the Aunts,

The Uncles, Cousins and friends, all listed as ‘cant’s’!

It was best that way, to keep us all safe and well,

Away from the spreading virus and the uncertain hell.

Our fantastic teachers work hard preparing a weekly task,

They are fun, engaging & not too much to ask.

Us parents aren’t teachers but we’re doing our best,

If we get stuck Joe Wicks & YouTube teach them the rest!

Mummy day, after mummy day,

We cuddled, we worked and had a lovely play.

We rode to the woods and played in the stream,

And painted rainbows in windows, which became a national theme.

The rainbows were started as a boredom reducing, fun to follow trail,

But came to give hope in this sad, extraordinary tale!

Daddy finished work early, and came home to play,

Football and evening fun was how we ended the day.

Mummy worked hard and Donna the boss, worked harder,

Home schooling, exercise and then proper work became mummy’s daily order.

Caring about those junior doctors at Southmead was what mummy’s office did best,

Until this was over, they (and the amazing NHS) certainly weren’t going to rest.

Some things happen they say for a reason,

More quality time with our Max the pre-schooler, more time with our gorgeous boys and time out to enjoy the spring season.

More time for the house, garden and picture album making,

A shelf full of unread books was ours for the taking.

More time to think and go with the flow,

Some days we didn’t even realise we were in lockdown you know!

No school, no clubs, no exams and no stress,

This life of no daily pressures was surprisingly nice and much less.

A good thing we think, was it made us all stop and reflect,

And show our suffering Earth and atmosphere, some well-deserved respect.

As the UK daily death toll sadly rose,

There was still some confusion as to wear a mask or not and cover our nose.

But the general rule was to wash your hands and stay 2 metres clear,

Only go out to exercise, work from home and not to socialise with anyone for a beer!

The sun shone down making people want to visit the coast and join a crowd,

But we had to remember to refrain and keep our country safe and proud,

We had to do our bit to help our amazing NHS

And clapped every Thursday at 8 to show our overwhelming thankfulness.

We did miss out on holidays, but still managed some rest,

Which we used to plan more holidays which would by far be the best!

When this is all over it will be our modern war story to tell,

Of the virus we couldn’t touch, see, hear or smell.

We’ll have a street party, enjoy a leisurely drive,

Hug our family and friends tight and embrace being alive!