Local Grants Available From Team Southmead

If you have ideas waiting to become an action plan but just need some financial support, then this may be the answer. Team Southmead is now able to make grants of up to £250 available to help get local projects done.

To apply please pick up an application form from the Library or Greenway Centre and let us know your plans. Completed application forms should be placed into the Team Southmead post boxes held in the Library and at Greenway reception. We look forward to seeing your application.

If you need help to complete your application please contact Anthea on 07837 977 086. Or, if you prefer, we can email you an application form, contact antheamustard@gmail.com.


Team Southmead is a volunteer community group of residents who are passionate to address the issues affecting the area. Our volunteers are dedicated and enthusiastic to take a keen interest in maintaining positive outcomes for Southmead. We are specifically seeking new members who can help us grow as we develop into an active group who gather and represent views locally and city-wide, putting the Southmead Community Plan into action.

We are keen to help support usage of our library as it has a central position within our community, and so we moved our February meeting there to see if the community would be happy to meet there on an ongoing basis. Further meetings are monthly and are publicised in The Mead and on the website.