Let’s Get Farming!

There’s been murmurings of a community farm in Southmead. And the murmurings are getting louder. We at Real Economy certainly got a lot of Yes please!’s at the Southmead Community Festival and we have some sites in our sights!

Of course, now is the time for harvesting, when the fields and gardens are over-flowing with produce (despite all that dry weather we enjoyed!). But there is still planting to be done and opportunities for Autumn produce to be enjoyed!

So for all you budding or experienced growers and curious Meaders our expert grower Chris will be running a free afternoon workshop this Thursday after our weekly lunch. We will be sowing and repotting winter lettuce and spinach for you to take home and enjoy, and learning about broad beans, over wintering our onions and feeding ourselves through winter. We’ll also be harvesting some beans and some wild elderberries! The afternoon’s activities will take place in the garden behind the Meeting Rooms, just next door to the Community Centre. There’ll be the opportunity to stay sitting for anyone with mobility challenges.

Join us for lunch at 1 o’clock at the Southmead Community Centre (248 Greystoke Avenue). We’ll be having a delicious meal cooked from fresh local produce from our friends at Cherry Orchard, after which will follow the workshop.

Next week, on the 30th, we will having a workshop with Delphine from The ReUsery, teaching us to make fabulous sponges from up-cycled clothes, socks and tights, great for your sink or your skin! This workshop only has 15 spaces so please get in touch to register.

To help us cater it would be most helpful if you could register your attendance on our Facebook events or drop me a line at florence@realeconomy.co.uk.

We look forward to growing with you!