Join Award Winning Tang Soo Do Artists at Southmead Community Centre

Martial artists are celebrating after winning gold, silver and bronze trophies at a national competition.

Several students who train at Brentry Tang Soo Do Club took part in the World Tang Soo Do Association (WTSDA) National Championship held in Nottingham.

They returned with medals for patterns and sparring in junior and adult categories. And several students have also been promoted to higher ranks after successfully grading.

Instructor Master Tim Butcher, 50, a 5th Dan who started training at the age of seven when his neighbour brought him along to a class, said: “I’m proud of our members and their dedication.

“While it’s lovely to win medals and earn a promotion, it’s more important to follow the tenets of the art. This includes integrity and perseverance – which they have shown.”

Mr Butcher first competed in the World Championships at the age of 16, teaching at 17 and retired from competitions as a World Champion.

He holds classes across Bristol, including at Southmead Community Association on Mondays.

World Champion student Becky Sheppard said: “Master Butcher is a very strong fighter so he’s great to train with and to practice sparring. He’s always willing to get hands-on and involved in sparring.

“The club is massively family orientated and a very supportive group, with everyone working to help each other improve.”

Mr Butcher, a self-employed painter and decorator, said several siblings and children and parents train together.

He said: “It’s a fun activity to do together and many families have spoken about how it’s strengthened their bond.”

Tang Soo Do is one of the oldest martial arts systems and promotes self-defence, physical and spiritual health and all-round personal development.

Students of Tang Soo Do have credited it with developing focus, clarity, greater flexibility and strength.

Classes take place on Monday at 7:30pm at Southmead Community Association. The first lesson is FREE.

For more information, contact Master Tim Butcher on 07758 877381 or visit the Brentry Tang Soo Do Facebook page.