It’s Your Time to Shine begins Tuesday 1st November

Join us for this fabulous four week course to support through the changes you are choosing, or the changes which are happening anyway.

We are going through a global transformation, both on a societal and personal level. When our environment is out of sync with the core of who we are, we feel it, leading to inner conflict, tension and a dimming of our light; we know a change is necessary to move forward, but there are sometimes barriers or fears which hold us back.

If you are considering a change, or if changes are happening to you, come along for four simple sessions to empower you to make the changes you desire, or to choose to stay where you are. Either is the right decision when it is in alignment with you.

Working in a small group to offer mutual support, these sessions will guide you to:

  • reflect on the changes
  • identify blockers
  • understand what you are drawn to release
  • identify actions

So that you can step forward and shine as the amazing being you are!

About Alice:  Alice has worked in business transformation for the last 25 years, and in the personal transformation space for the last five years. Prior to lockdown, she held a transformation meet up.  As a local, she is keen to participate in the community, and facilitate sessions for those who desire support in making a life change.

Fee: this course is not technically free! No money will exchange but in joining this course, you commit to gift ‘one good deed’ at an appropriate time when you find someone who needs it. You will know when!

Sign up by contacting Lucille Smith, tel: 0117 950 3335, email: