In Memory of Janine

By Dawn Payne. 

My daughter Janine sadly passed away at Southmead Hospital on April 9th 2016. This tragedy could have been avoided if the doctor had detected Janine had Sepsis and Pneumonia when he came to visit her; she had flu like symptoms.

I was left to phone 999 a couple of days later. They were very prompt, the lady on the phone gave me instructions while waiting for them to come. They finally got Janine’s little heart going only to go to A&E Southmead on a life support machine to say Goodbye.

This experience will be with me the rest of my life. If Sepsis is caught in time you will survive. The doctor involved went to learn about Sepsis so hopefully through Janine lives will be saved.

If I can say, Janine was treated with great respect by the ambulance team who were very sorry of the outcome, and by the doctor at Southmead who made our Goodbye peaceful.

On 4th June 2018 Janine would have been 52. God bless you my little sweetheart.

A poem for Janine:

My little star, shining so bright.
How you turn darkness into light.
You sparkle and you shine,
Just like a Diamond,
Glowing and beaming.
You once was a child of mine
Now you are in the sky
An extra special star
Twinkling so bright,
Array every single night.
You are my angel,
You are my star
I still miss and love you.
Time has gone on,
But you like a little star
Your memory will go on.

Thank you for writing about Janine Dawn, she is missed by many of us in the Community. And thanks for your continual effort to help others by sharing Sepsis awareness info.