Have You Heard Of Charles Bonnet Syndrome?

The site Charity RP Fighting Blindness is helping to publicise the Campaign Group Esme’s Umbrella, which is for everyone working towards raising awareness of Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS), a condition, which causes silent visual hallucinations in people with little or no sight.

Charles Bonnet Awareness has been launched to help spread the word of this condition both within the sight loss community and the wider general public conscious.

Some people are living with CBS in frightened silence, not wanting to share their hallucinations with anyone and thinking they are developing dementia.

Too often the condition is misdiagnosed as dementia because too few healthcare professionals are aware of CBS, and ophthalmologists do not always warn their patients with low vision that CBS might develop.
The hallucinations range from disturbing to terrifying and, because they come from the brain, are sharp and clear. This means that the teeth and saliva of a tiger, the worms and slugs on scrambled eggs or the fast-flowing river rushing through the room, are all too real.

Learn more about this condition by visiting the web site www.charlesbonnetsyndrome.uk

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