Happy Birthday Rocks!


Southmead Rocks! I mean we all know this, but I am talking about actual rocks that people are painting and decorating before hiding them all over Bristol. As the Hospital is turning 70 we want to be part of the party so some residents, both children and adults, are celebrating by taking part in Bristol Rocks and hiding some lovely messages all over the hospital and the grounds for people to find. Local resident Amélie age 10 (right) is a lover of Bristol Rocks so I shall let her tell you more…

Bristol rocks is where you paint your own lovely rock and then hide them around your local area, either in parks, woods, on walls, in a tree and many more creative places you can think of. You can even find the rocks in all types of mysterious places like rivers or streams! The age of people taking part are toddlers to grown-ups, it’s not just kids who like painting and hiding, it’s grown-ups too. The Bristol Rocks thing has been going on for around a year now, and all kids have been having sooooo much fun.”

The idea is simple but brilliant, and there are lots of images on the Facebook page, ‘Bristol Rocks’ for inspiration. You can make them as simple or as complex as you like, some people paint masterpieces, others use marker pens to write messages and draw pictures and, as Amélie said, it is something that everyone can take part in. If you’d like to have a go then please let us see what beauties you send out.

There are rocks that have been found then taken on holiday so Bristol Rocks have visited the world. Maybe you could join us and send a big happy birthday to the Hospital? And don’t forget next time you are out and about keep your eyes peeled, because you never know what you may find.