Fonthill 101 is here!

March saw the launch of the Fonthill 101!  Every child at Fonthill Primary Academy has received a booklet with 101 experiences that they will have while at Fonthill. They have been grouped under seven categories: Connect and communicate; Bristol and my local community: Create, Active adventurer; Learning and my family; Skills for life; and Global citizenship.  Each experience is designed to give every child wide and varied experiences to help them develop as citizens and learners. The experiences reflect the amazing opportunities in Southmead and Bristol. Children, parents, governors and staff all contributed to the final list.

Experiences include:

  • Visit St Stephen’s Church
  • Sing in the local community
  • Study a map of Southmead
  • Enter a writing competition
  • Do PE at a secondary school
  • Grow and eat some vegetables
  • Visit the SS Great Britain
  • Meet a local councillor
  • Visit another school in the Endeavour Academy Trust

Children have been very excited to receive their booklets and some have already had stamps for over ten experiences.  Karthika Bommu from Y3 said: “It’s really exciting getting the stamps. It’s like a race to see who can get the most!”  There will be a graduation at the end of the year to reward children for gathering as many stamps as possible.