Do you look after someone at home? Online activity groups can give you a break

If you look after someone at home who couldn’t do without your help, you are a carer. There is support out there for you. Carers Support Centre is a charity which provides support, information and advice to carers of any age living in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire areas. They are still providing services through COVID-19.

Would you like to take a short time out for yourself and meet others who also look after someone? Carers Support Centre’s monthly activity groups for adult carers are now online. They run 4 groups: theatre club, lunch club, book group and craft group.

Caring can feel isolating at times and many people have enjoyed the benefits of attending CSC’s activity groups over the past few years. Meeting other carers who often share similar experiences can help you feel more connected and less alone. Taking part in an activity can provide a break from caring and a focus on something you enjoy.

The groups are run monthly using an online application called Zoom. If you are interested in joining a group but have not used Zoom before, you can get help – and it is very easy to use. The groups are free, no experience is required and there is no commitment to attend each month.

Please contact Stacey Vallis for more details:
07742 291 073