Dinosaur Eats Ranger’s Hat!

Written by Joseph, Naomi, Poppy, Ruby, Katie–Hope, Tommy and Savannah in Year 2

A Ranger was almost eaten by a raptor at Badock’s Wood E-ACT Academy, but thanks to the bravery of some pupils only his hat was eaten!

Children in years 1 and 2 had a visit from two Rangers who brought with them lots of dinosaur fossils, some baby dinosaurs (we saw one hatch out of its egg!), and a life size Utahraptor.  We impressed them with the facts that we already knew about dinosaurs and they taught us lots more.  These are some of our favourite facts:

T-Rex was the King of the dinosaurs and it used its tail to keep balanced.

When Stegosaurus gets angry the spikes on its back changed colour.

Fossils were found on the Isle of Wight.

Some dinosaurs evolved into birds.

The Utahraptor was walking around the school hall and we got to stroke it. The Ranger put his head in its mouth and someone had to try and pull it out. The Utahraptor stole his hat and we chased it to get it back. We had a fantastic time learning about dinosaurs.