‘Women are not weapons’

Dear The Mead…

I am a person who has gone through domestic violence. My Ex had a go at me all the time as well as physical abuse. I could not do anything and could not even go out. I had to do what he wanted. That made me isolated all the time. I have had no domestic violence now for a year but it is not easy as every day feels like a mission to deal with what happened to me. I am willing to help others having a bad time. It is not right to hit women, we are people not weapons. We need a Community group where we can work together, and get support, and help when we are dealing with the police and the courts. ~ Toni

Thank you Toni, we really value you speaking out. Toni would like to connect with other victims of domestic abuse , if you’d like to get in touch with her please email editor@themead.org.uk and we will forward your message.