Connie’s Critters

As part of Link Forward, our children and young people’s social prescribing service, we connect young people to a range of activities and groups in the community.

Sometimes we also support young people to set up their own clubs around their interests and passions.

I wanted to introduce you to a brilliant young conservationist who takes a keen interest in helping local wildlife and nature thrive. She has a wildlife pond and is part of the forest school at her school.

“My name is Connie and I really love looking after our natural environment. I especially like woodlice, which are also called Isopods.  I told my friends and started The Isopod Club for people who share my interest. We use our break times to search for good Isopod spots and make sure they’ve got what they need. Sometimes we find some really good colour morphs!.  Below is a few of my favourite pictures.”

If this is something you would like to do as well, or if you have ideas for other nature clubs, the Southmead Adventure Playground has an outdoor classroom next to the stream – an ideal  spot.  If you’d like any further info about our work with children and young people, or have any questions for Connie about her club we can pass on, do contact me on email: or tel: 0117 950 3335