Cheerio from BS10 Parks & Planning

By Mike Murch.  They say all good things must come to an end – well this is certainly true of the BS10 Parks and Planning Group.  Back in May last year, I said I intended to step down as Secretary at the end of 2023. As this is a key role, unless anyone came forward to replace me, the Group would have to fold.

Well unfortunately that is the situation we faced at the December meeting, so reluctantly it was decided to wind up this Volunteer Group.

I said at the December meeting that this group had been well supported by the residents of Henbury and Brentry, and it was a mystery why Southmead residents seemed to be not at all interested in the huge developments going on just across the border in South Gloucestershire.

These developments will have a huge impact on all people in both Southmead and Henbury and Brentry with well over 9000 extra homes being built; added to that will be schools, hotels, Doctors, Dentists, restaurants, and of course The Arena.

So, what of the future? See the item below about the new Community Forum to be organised and chaired by Councillors in both Southmead and Henbury and Brentry.

Editor’s note: Mike, we know everyone will join us in thanking you for your amazing service to our North Bristol communities through your dedication to BS10 Parks & Planning. You have batted for Southmead throughout your time as Secretary of the group and have constantly alerted everyone to what is coming: the huge impact on our community from the new Brabazon and Arena builds. Hopefully this pressure is off you now and you can concentrate on your next performance in Meadows to Meaders 5: Fab Living On The Mead – we cannot wait to see the show! (read further below for Meadows to Meaders item).