Caring during COVID – Making carers visible on Carers Week #MakingCaringVisible

Carers Week 8 – 14 June is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring and highlight the challenges carers face. Carers don’t choose to become carers and many don’t even see themselves as carers. Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, family carers have continued to provide unpaid crucial care to their loved ones, with little to no support.

Care is usually provided behind closed doors, in people’s homes and is largely invisible to the general public and support services. This hasn’t changed during the pandemic. While COVID-19 has very rightly reminded us all of the crucial role of NHS staff and keyworkers, family carers have been largely forgotten.  The role of cares has never been more crucial. Yet, while the challenges carers face have increased, their role remains invisible. The majority of carers are struggling alone and do not know that help is available to them.

Carers Support Centre is working locally to support carers of all ages through this very challenging time. Services include information and advice, carers assessments, counselling, befriending, employment support, virtual carers’ groups, online training, and the Carers Emergency Card. On Thursday 11 June, the charity is also holding its first ever online Carers Open Meeting. Visit their website for more details.

Recent research from Carers UK has found, since the pandemic started, carers are providing 10 additional hours of care per week. The average figure is now a staggering 65 hours per week, with 70% of carers providing more care due to local services reducing or closing. This has been particularly hard for certain groups, such as those caring for someone with a learning disability, autism, or dementia.

This Carers Week, join Carers Support Centre in recognising the massive contribution carers make to families and communities across the UK. Visit the Carers Support Centre website to watch the ‘Clap for family carers’ video, hear from local carers about what caring during COVID-19 is like, and spread the word using the #MakingCaringVisible hashtag.

Watch local carers share their stories of caring through COVID here:

If you, or someone you know is a carer, and in need of help, contact CarersLine:  0117 965 2200