Calling all Animal Lovers!

Have you always dreamed of keeping chickens? 

Do you think goats are unbearably sweet or wonderfully silly?

Do you love caring for things furred and feathered?

Then we need your help! Real Economy Southmead are beginning to plan the building of a community farm in Southmead. With the willingness of Southmead residents to get involved and help run it, we intend to start a productive farm, producing a significant amount of delicious fresh food for the locality. As well as growing vegetables and fruit we would like to see chickens and goats feature on the farm, providing us with eggs and milk, as well as eating garden waste and turning it into manure!

The only way we can make this happen is if we find dedicated residents who, between them, will share responsibility to care for the animals.

We will be holding a free lunch this Thursday 5th July at 12.30 at Southmead Community Centre (248 Greystoke Avenue) to discuss our plans and identify potentially interested locals to help lead the project. Please join us!

If you can’t attend but are keen to be involved do drop me a line at or call 07429 957881.

Head to to find out more.